Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a fact check organization that monitored commercials for truthfulness?  I think so!  My car is in the shop awaiting repairs following a rear-end collision (more about that later).  I’ve been with the same insurance carrier for close to 40 years.  If their commercials were true, my car would have already been repaired and returned to me.  It’s not even close to coming home with me.

Are the commercials true?  Is the management of my claim simply an outlier or is it the norm?  Currently, there is no way of knowing.  So, the commercials continue to sell what may be a falsely represented product.  If you are a programmer or research analyst, perhaps you can make a bundle by holding the advertising world’s feet to the fire.

Can I really take an over-the-counter pill that will maintain or improve my memory? Research shows that an old product called Obecalp (placebo spelled backwards) works 30% of the time. I used to prescribe Obecalp but it was taken off the market.  What a pity; placebos are great meds! Research will show that they are effective (30 % of the time). 

According to the commercial I’ve watcher hundreds of times, I can improve my memory by taking a jelly fish extract!  If I could only remember the name of the product.  The commercial accomplished one thing; I remember it comes from jelly fish and I can vividly remember being stung by jelly fish at Ocean View. See, the commercial is effective at improving my memory.  If you try to validate its effectiveness, you’ll find very little peer reviewed, validated research; but you will find that it is effective.  Remember, placebos are effective 30% of the time.

Again, a fact check, unbiased appraisal of the claims made by the manufacturer, would be very helpful. Figuring out what’s real and what is not is going to be tricky.  Ever hear a commercial state, “Recommended by more doctors than any other product on the market?”  I’ll share a secret!  While the commercial implies that the product is better than the competition, it fails to tell you that the product’s sales representative leave tons of samples in physicians’ offices and that when a physician gives samples of their product to a patient, it’s considered a recommendation.  Very clever, heh?

Isn’t it interesting that the competing cellular companies all claim to have the best coverage at the cheapest price?  Obviously, somebody is lying, But which company is it?  Sure would be nice if one of my readers created a fact check organization that looked at commercials!

Here’s your joke of the day:

“That wife of mine is a liar,” said the angry husband to a sympathetic pal seated next to him in the bar.

“How do you know?” the friend asked.

“She didn’t come home last night; and when I asked her where she’d been, she said she’d spent the night with her sister, Shirley.”

‘So?’ the friend replied.

‘’So, she’s a liar. I spent the night with her sister Shirley!”

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