Over the past 30 years, I’ve written many articles vilifying the word “try.”  When my patients, children or friends used the word “try,” I would pounce on them.  Try is a word that almost always is accompanied by the word “but.”  People who try to lose weight fail.  An employee who promises to try to finish a project by Friday is not likely to finish it.  

“I tried to get it done but my wife got sick and I had to pick up the kids,” is a great excuse, isn’t it? 

“I’ll tried to take the garbage out, but I had to go to a study group for my math exam.” Another great excuse, isn’t it?

Yes, when you accept the word try from another person, you should expect that they will disappoint you.  You can bet there is a “but” coming your way.  I never accepted the word try.  Instead, I would explain the difference between trying to do something and working at doing something.  When you use the word “work,” there is an expectation that you will finish the job.  Work is usually hard; but, when the work is assigned to you, no matter how hard, you are obliged to finish it.  People who work are expected to make mistakes from time to time.  They are also expected to fix and learn from those mistakes.  When you have a job, you are expected to show up for work everyday until you have finished it.  

Yes, there is a big difference between “trying and working.”  Today, while looking for something to write about, I came across several old articles I’ve written on this subject.  I also recognized that I’ve been trying to lose weight and get healthy/wellthy.  I realized that “do what I say, not as I do, is stupid.  So, it’s time to come out of retirement and go to work at getting healthy and wellthy.   Working on being healthy means walking/biking every day, no excuses.  Working at losing weight means eating healthy no matter how good the Krispy Kremes smell.  Working at being healthy means no ifs ands and buts!  I will finish this job.  The job is going to take a year to complete so accepting the job is a long-term commitment. I’ll make that commitment.

How are you doing?  Are you working on being healthy and wellthy or are you trying to be healthy and wellthy?  If you are sitting on your butt rather than doing what you should be doing, throw out the “but” and work hard at fulfilling your obligations to yourself an others.

Here is your song for the day and a joke.

Teamwork is important.  It helps to put the blame on someone else!

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