I’m glad to report that I’m back from “Failure,” and I’m working hard on losing my holiday weight addition and enjoying the “Wellthy” life.  I hope you’ll appreciate this article, first published last January, 2018.

Winter Break brings vacations, Christmas and New Year.  As usual, many of my patients have returned from their vacations and resumed their usual routines.  Some of my patients are having trouble getting back into their routine.

Where did you go on vacation?   A few of my patients went to Australia.  People who travel to Australia have such a great time that they don’t want to come back.  Another favorite destination is “Failure.”  Yes, too many of my patients take a vacation from healthy living during Winter Break.   They eat the wrong things, stop exercising, and, in general, over-indulge in excess. (Yes, that’s a redundancy.)

Like those who travel to Australia, those individuals who travel to “Failure” have a lot of trouble returning to their routine, healthy lives.  While living in “Failure” may be enticing, ultimately there is a price to be paid.  Sometimes that price is a financial one and sometimes it is a physical one.

While visiting “Failure,” my patients gain weight.  With weight gain, many will experience increases in their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars.  Some will experience back problems.  Others will notice that they get short of breath going up stairs.

The longer you stay in “Failure,” the costlier it gets.  As your blood pressure rises, you’ll need more medication.  Vacation in “Failure” long enough and you may even get a bonus stay in the Intensive Care Unit at your local hospital.  “Failure” must be a marvelous resort.   People whose vacation unexpectedly takes them to “Failure” have lots of trouble returning to normal life.

Well, Winter Break is over and no matter how much you enjoyed vacation; it’s time to get back to work.  If you are wallowing in “Failure,” find your willpower and work on losing that extra weight, eating appropriately and exercising.  Work on lowering your blood pressure/sugar/cholesterol.  Work on refining yourself and becoming truly Wellthy.

If you are having trouble returning to a healthy lifestyle, see your doc, join a gym, or read a book.  “Diets and Other Unnatural Acts” is highly recommended.  Search through this blog for success stories and read them.  Then work at writing your own success story.  I’ll be glad to publish it!

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