It’s really not fair!  The producers of the TV show, “Wanted,” got me hooked last season and promised to do the same this season. Only, they threw in a twist that ruined the show and created this article.

The heroines in “Wanted” are two loveable females who get caught up in a web of murder, robbery and theft causing them to go on the run from the bad guys and the police.  The two women start off as strangers and become mother/daughter/sisters as they live through crisis after crisis.

As the show progresses, it becomes obvious that the women not only are running from the bad guys and police; they are running from themselves.  So, here’s where the writer sneaks up and stabs me in the back.  The young, beautiful, naïve, heroine is a character you can fall in love with.  She is running from her rich, overprotective father for a multitude of reasons.

Running with her is a beautiful, strong, worldly woman who has led a rough life but survived doing whatever she needed to survive.  She’s running from her past, as well. She’s loveable in her own way.  So, the two loveable women grow, episode by episode, setting the hook in the viewer’s mouth and reeling him/her in.

Then, the SOBs who wrote this series ruin it.  The beautiful young accountant ends up having Huntington’s Chorea, a progressive degenerative disease of the nervous system which is going to destroy her body and maybe her mind as it kills her.  Yep, her hand starts to tremor and she goes to the doc.  The test is positive, forcing her to face the fact that she has the same disease that killed her mother.  SOBs!  I could accept if she was caught, tortured or murdered by the bad guys, but not watching her demise at the hands of her own genes.

While Huntington’s and Parkinson’s are not the same disease, they certainly share too many of the same traits, ending up the same. So, there will not be a happy ending to this show. As my readers know, I have Parkinson’s.  Just as the heroine watched her mother die from Huntington’s, I watched my father die from Parkinson’s.  I’m watching my hand tremor right now.  I’m afraid I won’t have a happy ending either. 

Nonetheless, I’ll live my life to its fullest.  I’ll cherish the time with family and friends.  I’ll also keep watching this show, hoping the writers will pull off a Hollywood happy ending.  And I’ll remind myself that I shouldn’t identify with the young, beautiful heroine. On second thought, it might be fun to be a young beautiful female.

Here’s your music and a joke.

A blonde asked her coworker, “Do you have any kids?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I have one child that’s just under two.”

The blonde said, “I might be blonde, but I know how many one is.”

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