If you don’t believe in hell, you should!  We are all in a living hell.  All infected by a horrible virus.  Some have respiratory problems, fever and fatigue.  Some require hospitalization.  

Qualifier – I do not believe that all of us have the actual virus.  I do believe that having or not having the virus is a moot point.  The damage that 6 feet of separation does to our souls is real.  Parents and grandparents worry about their progeny.  They see each other on the internet or through their car windows.  There are no actual hugs or kisses.

Under the strain of social isolation, child and spousal abuse increases.  Depression and anxiety worsen or show up for the first time.  Businesses and careers are lost.  The food chain is compromised. The entire fabric of society has started to unravel.

Worst of all, the dying die alone, among strangers.  The strangers who act as stand-ins for your loved ones, have their hearts ripped out as they pronounce their patients dead.  There are no more shiva’s, and wakes. Funerals are held online.  Six feet of separation might as well be a mile.

I can go on and on.  The effect of this virus is to send us all to hell.  Will we ever be rid of this scourge?  Certainly, we will learn to control the virus or kill it.  What is less certain is what the long-term effects of social distancing will have done to the survivors and their progeny.

In a famous song by the Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil, they make a pivotal statement.  “Please to meet you . . .Hope you guess my name.”  Listen to the following if you do/don’t remember the song: https://youtu.be/GgnClrx8N2ken

I’m no biblical scholar but I think the first step to ridding ourselves of this plague is to guess his name. After all these years, I finally know what his name is.  It’s Covid-19.  Now to figure out what the nature of his game is.

The answer we need to fight our way out of hell is embedded in the title of the song.  SYMPATHY  for your fellow beings is key to our survival.  Sympathy will allow you to touch another without breaking the 6 feet of separation rule.  Sympathy will stop you from flaunting the separation rules long enough to rid our society of the virus.  Sympathy will remind you we are all in the same place and need each other to dig out.  Only when we act together will we find the faith necessary to survive this latest attack on our souls.

The song ends with, “tell me baby what’s my name; one time, you’re the blame.”  I know who you are.  You call yourself COVID-19!  Now that you’ve been identified, I refuse to be the blame.  I will alert my brethren and we will dig our way out of hell together.

We will once again feel human touch, hugs and kisses.  We will mourn together and celebrate together but first we will name you and drive you back to the hole you came from.  WE WILL ISOLATE YOU!  ISOLATION IS THE NATURE OF YOUR GAME AND WE WILL PLAY THE GAME LONG ENOUGH TO SEND YOU BACK TO HELL, AND YOU WILL GO ALONE!Where did this article come from? I awoke with it in my head.  It was a gift from GOD.  I’ve found my faith again.  Find yours and we will all be fine!

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4 Replies to “WELCOME TO HELL”

  1. I have been blessed to have such a smart and caring brother. He has always been there for me and my family.Most of you know him as Dr Segal but to me he is my younger brother Stewart or our daughter’s uncle. She came back from spending a week with him saying she wanted to stay longer. She said he was more than an uncle.

  2. Hi Dr Segal, Just found this live wealthy. I have to say, we miss you terribly up here in Lake Zurich. We were so much more than a Dr to our family. My Mom Carole is having some medical issues, nothing life threatening, but realize thru this that we will never be able to replace you. Thank you for the care, and caring that you gave our family. We miss you, and wish you the very best! Blessings! Jana German

    1. I miss you guys as well.I really hate retirement. Please give your mom a hug for me. Stay safe and be healthy.

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