Here’s an interesting premise for you.  A group of people decide not to follow the guidelines for prevention of infection and spread of Covid-19. They decide that the chances of getting Covid-19 are about the same as that of being struck by lightning. They ignore the fact that only 4 individuals in the US have died from a lightning strike this year and feel just in their decision not to wear masks or keep social distancing.

There are many different opinions about the risk of infection and how that risk should be handled.  There are those who believe it is a hoax or that the figures are skewed by the media/government/doctors/pharma or whichever group is under fire today.  Then there are the scientists, who despite their differences, have formulated guidelines to try to keep us safe.

For the sake of not arguing, I’ll give you all the excuses and say they are right, with one exception: It’s not a hoax.  I still have one question.  Would you stand outside in the midst of a thunderstorm?

I don’t think so!  Walking around without a mask, gathering together in large social venues (where a 6-foot safety zone can’t be maintained) and not properly washing your hands are like standing outside holding a lightning rod in the midst of a lightning storm.

Yep, you’ve got rights.  So, do what you are going to do, just don’t do it around me.  I may be ready to die but not the Covid-19 way.  The Covid-19 way is to die all alone, surrounded by strangers in white coats with tubes, lots of tubes!  Tubes to be stuck everywhere.  It’s definitely not my cup of tea.  

Please realize that, if you are wrong and you get Clovid-19 despite never having been struck by lightning, you put your entire family and their friends at risk.  (Old people always have to hit you with a little guilt!)

Enough said.

I was going to tell you that my 4th was a bust when I realized it was not a bust.  I spent the whole day with Renee and that makes it a precious day.   Thanks for putting up with me.

Here’s a song and a little humor.

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