First, let me explain that I don’t know who Don is.  But I often asked/wondered who Don is and what the heck Don did to piss off someone.  Bear with me for a moment while I give you a little background.  Old men pee a lot!  Old men on diuretics pee even more.

On our four-and-a-half-hour trip to Atlanta to see Jeremy, I made 3 pit stops.  Don was in two of the bathrooms I used.  Men’s bathrooms have urinals and often, in the urinal, is a rubber mat that is supposed to control splatter and keep cigarette butts and assorted garbage from clogging the drain.  Don’s name is on a large number of urinal mats in US bathrooms.  For some of you, this may be TMI (too much info).

Which brings me to my question: Who is Don and what did he do that was rewarded by having strangers pee on him, over and over again?  We all know that family feuds are the worst.  Did Don piss off his father, brother or sister?  IF so, I’d love to hear the story!  Did Don win a particularly nasty divorce only to have his EX start a company that manufactures urinal mats named Don?  If she did, I think she would have drawn a target over Don’s name to make sure he got the point!

Yep, at 3:30 in the am, my mind can go to weird places.  Every time I aim at Don, I smile, wondering what the hell he could have done. I also wonder whose name I would place on the mat if I owned the company.  What do you think Don did to deserve such treatment?  Whose name would you put on the mat if you owned the company?  Childish, huh? Certainly is!  Sometimes, childish can be fun!

Here’s your music for the day (got to go?) and a joke.

There were three boys all in third grade: an Asian boy, a Spanish boy and a redneck. They were trying to think of games to play at recess when the Asian boy got an idea. “I know,” he said, “we can play ‘Who’s Got the Biggest Pee Pee'”.

“How do you play that?” asked the redneck.

“It’s easy,” said the Spanish boy, “we can play it next recess.”

So when recess time came, the three boys went outside. “Alright,” said the Spanish boy, “Let’s play.”

The Asian boy explained that all you have to do is pull down your pants and whoever has the biggest pee pee is the winner.

And so the Asian boy pulled down his pants and the other two boys were impressed.

Then the Spanish boy pulled down his pants. His pee pee was about the same size as the Asian boy’s.

As the redneck boy pulled his pants down, the other two boys stared in awe.

“You win for sure,” they both said.

Later that day the redneck boy went home and his mother asked him, “So did you make any new friends today?”

“Yup. I played this game called ‘Who’s Got the Biggest Pee Pee’ and the other boys said I won. Is it because I’m a redneck?”

His mother laughed and replied, “No sweetie, you won because you’re 23.”

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