Well, I’ve run out of words.  Renee and I are actively packing with a move date of May 29, her birthday.  I suspect that my writer’s block will last until the move is complete.

In the meantime, I’ll link you to articles I read that I think are helpful and appropriate.  Today, ZdoggMD does a nice review of the in’s and out’s of antibody testing.  Just click on the hyperlink. As always, if you have a subject you would like m to cover, let me know.

If you know where I can find decent toilet paper, please let me know.  I still don’t understand how TP disappeared from the shelves.  Currently, I’m using something that reminds me of sandpaper.  

Here’s your song of the day:   https://youtu.be/fm-q0ELuk1A

Hope you enjoy, “Our House.”  Certainly, anyone who buys Casa Segal will.  I just opened the pool and it is beautiful.

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