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I’m frustrated and mad, and then I’m pleased and happy.  Then it starts all over again.   I publish uplifting articles designed to help others get through trying times.  I write a book about living a Wellthy lifestyle that has helped hundreds find their way to health and happiness.  So, why can’t I find my way past the plateau I’m currently standing on?  I guess it boils down to the fact that I’m human.

I’ve lost the same 5 pounds seven times now.  Yes, I lose it, then find it then lose it again, then find it again!  Do the math.  I’m up 25 pounds in total since my surgery and retirement.  I should be down 35 pounds (pounds times 7 successes).  So, what can I do?

According to Mr. B’s father, “if you fall down seven times, get up eight!”  The answer is simple. I get up, dust myself off and go back to working on being healthy.  “Success is a journey, not a destination.”  I am on a journey.  

According to the dictates of “Diets and Other Unnatural Acts,” all I have to do is define what my problems and goals are and then refine myself, chicken stepping my way to health.  Let’s see:

  1. I need time to exercise more.  Solution –I hate exercise! As it stands, I feel rotten from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.  Of course, my present state of obesity would make anybody feel crappy.  Time to start exercising.  I’ll start today.  I’ll drive by a gym.
  2. I’m overworked. Napping 3 times a day is time consuming and doesn’t jive with #1.  Napping is a full-time job.  Time to retire from my napping job and find something more productive to do.
  • I’m overdue for my deposit in my 90-day plan.  Solution – Time to take a vacation from retirement in the midwest.  “Renee, pack a bag.  It’s time to head south.”

See how easy it is to change one’s life and get back on track!  Now, it’s time to lose those troublesome 5 pounds for the last time, and then, five more.

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