Easier said than done!  These days, everyone is worried! They’re worried about their insurance, their jobS, their parents and just about everything other than the one thing they should be worried about.  That one thing is their health!

You can and will deal with an insurance company.  Sure, your doc may not be in your plan.  Sure, the care you need may not be available to you based on your plan’s restrictive policies.  You may have to suffer with an inferior medication or drive to a distant place for a needed procedure to be covered.  But you will still be free to get the care you need and want by going outside your plan and paying for it!  You haven’t lost your freedom of choice; it just got more expensive to get what you need and want.

I know, your finances are a mess.  Your job sucks.  Everything costs more.  So, what do you do?  One of my friends is a defense attorney.  I once asked him how an incarcerated felon affords to pay his legal fees.  His answer was that the felon can’t afford to pay him.  The felon’s family can’t afford to pay him either, but they do.  They find the money; they mortgage their house, take out loans or whatever they need to do to try to protect their loved one.  Sure, they could rely on the public defender’s office; but, when the stakes are high, they want the best and the best is expensive.

Do you want the best healthcare possible?  If you do, I can tell you where to find it.  It starts at home!  It starts in your kitchen!  What’s in your pantry and refrigerator?  Is it healthy?  If not, pitch it!  Have you ever heard, “You are what you eat?”  It’s true.

Good health starts in your bedroom.  Do you sleep well?  Is your bed comfortable?  Is your room healthy, free from allergens, noise pollution and other distractions?  Do you or your spouse snore?  Are you up all night worrying?

Good health starts in your neighborhood.  Are you taking 30-minute walks daily?  Are you taking long bike rides?  Do you go to the local gym?

Good health starts with your family.  Are you and your spouse getting along with each other?  What about your children?  Are you spending quality time with the ones you love?

The best healthcare is not dependent on your insurance policy; it is dependent on you caring for yourself and those you love.  If you and your loved ones are healthy, then you will rarely need to access the healthcare system.

Invest in self and remember, “A smile is contagious.  Be a carrier!”

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