I could become a vegetarian if it wasn’t for the fact that I love meat.  I could lose weight if only I could exercise.  I wouldn’t be hungry if I could burn enough calories to account for the food intake I need not to be hungry.  Could is a great word.  “Could” offers lots of promise yet delivers very little.

I’ve written about three words in the past.  “Could have, would have, and should have” is a mantra that many learn at an early age.  It’s also a mantra that needs to be eradicated.  While “could have” offers promise, “would have” offers feelings of depression and “should have” is associated with guilt.

I could be much healthier if I hadn’t gained 50 pounds. I would have lost 50 pounds had I not been on the pity wagon; and I should have listened to my dear friend and diet consultant, Betsy Weisbach, a long time ago.

Finally, I’ve gotten off the pity wagon and replaced the “would have, could have, should haves” with my new mantra, “must have” 50 pounds of weight loss, the ability to exercise, and enjoy life.  Betsy has been offering to assist me by having me log what I eat and reviewing it with me weekly.  Having someone to be responsible to is helpful in accomplishing any task.

Step number one, logging and monitoring my intake, is set and ready to go.  Step number two is getting rid of my excess baggage.  Step number two is to recreate the Stewart diet by defining what the Stewart diet currently is and refining it so that it is healthy, calorie deficient, and something I can live on for a very long time.  Losing 50 pounds will take a year!

A long time ago, I bought a week’s worth of food from Daily Harvest.  The food was plant-based, healthy and tasted great.  The food was expensive and I’m cheap; so I did not reorder.  Last week, looking to make a clean break from my present diet and looking for a firm platform for my new lifestyle and diet, I ordered 24 meals.  Each meal contains between 300-400 calories and tastes great.  The bonus is that they are also filling!

I started on my Daily Harvest-based New Stewart Diet and am happy to report that I can do this!  I can convert to a vegetarian-based meal plan with the addition of an occasional meat-based dinner and lose my 50 pounds while enjoying what I’m eating and staying within the parameters of my personal philosophy, as outlined in “Diets and Other Unnatural Acts.”

Thanks, Betsy, for your support.  You’ll be getting my first log in 4 days. 

Should you want to try DH, use this code RE-7HRT6GR to save $35 on your first order.

Here’re your jokes for the day:

Preventing childhood obesity…

It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby.

A woman is suicidally depressed

She’s quite obese, unattractive, and lonely. Life having dealt her a bad hand, she buys a pistol and resolves to end her own life.

Wanting it to be quick, she calls her doctor to ask him where the heart is.

“It’s right under the left breast”, he replies.

So, she hangs up, takes a deep breath and shoots herself in the knee. 

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