And I thought having to retire was bad!  I didn’t know the half of it!  I’ve been sad, mad and a little bit crazy.  I’ve written about the emotional roller-coaster I’m on and I’d really like to get off. Unfortunately, I can’t and the rise and fall of the coaster continues to get steeper and more perilous.

Writing has kept me sane, but writing is getting more difficult.  My last article dredged up some of my humor.  It felt good to write a humorous article, especially since one of my readers mentioned that my articles made her cry. 

I awoke at 4 a.m. as usual.  I don’t want to be late getting to my family room.  Brewed coffee and sat down to catch up on my reading.  I’m so busy doing nothing that I get behind on my studies.  This am I read a great article entitled “THE NEXT PANDEMIC WILL BE IN MENTAL HEALTH,” by Dr Najma Hamdani on KevinMD.

Dr Hamdani’s message is worth reading.  We are all on this roller-coaster and, those of us who stay home, will eventually get off together.  Let’s hope sanity prevails and the ride ends in a happier place.

Meanwhile, I’ll dream of being well enough to give telemedicine a trial.  Time to divorce Fridge, and get this weigh off and train for the day I can return to my beloved profession.  Maybe miracles do exist.

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