I have maintained an apolitical stance on purpose.  The purpose of this blog is and has been to teach my readers how to become Wellthy.  The blog also serves to keep me sane in my retirement by allowing me to share my 40 years of medical knowledge with my former patients and new readers.

Today, I’m going to break with my apolitical rules and defend President Trump.  Trump is often criticized for exaggerating, lying, being vengeful and a host of other outlandish traits.  I’m not judging him nor agreeing or disagreeing with anyone so don’t bother attacking me.  I just want to defend ONE thing Trump said yesterday.

President Trump clearly stated, “I am not a doctor.”  That statement is 100% correct and truthful. The President has NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE AND SHOULD NOT USE HIS BULLY PULPIT TO RECOMMEND ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT.  Last night, Trump was practicing medicine without a license.

Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, like all medications, come with an assortment of unknown benefits and risk. I am glad I no longer have a practice.  If I did, my patients would be calling for prescriptions, based on Trumps recommendation, for both medications. 

I would spend time listing the possible and probable side effects of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.  Despite the unknown benefits and the known side effects, my patients would demand I roll the dice and give them what they want.

What my patients want is peace of mind. They are scared out of their wits as am I.  Snake oil fueled by the internet and our President is not the answer.  I have had patients on both of these medications for years and have grown to respect both their ability to help specific patients and their ability to do great harm.

For sure, if you were on death’s bed, I’d have you on everything and anything that had one iota of a chance to save you.  But to say a medicine is safe because it has been used for years is foolhardy.  To say that using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin won’t kill you is foolhardy.

To rightly proclaim, “I am not a doctor” and then recommend a medical treatment despite what your own, hand selected medical authorities have to say, simply makes you a fool.

Please, President Trump, stop being foolish.  Stop sending people to their doctors requesting medications that may or may not help them.  Instead, recommend that people follow the guidelines, stay at home and let the virus die out by denying it any place to go.  Your scientist and medical experts will find the truth about hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in short order.  Let them prescribe medications when appropriate.To learn about vaccine development, listen to Zdogg’s interview with Dr Offit. Again, this interview is highly technical but interesting and informative.  For sure, after listening to 10 minutes, you’ll understand how complex vaccine development is and you’ll turn off the interview

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3 Replies to “THE TRUTH”

  1. Yes Trump needs to stop on this one for sure. He says he would take it but…. then the next breathe is if my Dr told me to. So you know darn well he would not take it. He even stopped the reporter that was asking Dr F (sorry can’t rememberhow to spell it) about the medicine by saying we all ready discus
    Seed that topic. Yea he did no medical knowledge.

  2. Well, at times recently it has been very difficult for me to be apolitical. Now Mr. Navarro, the president’ chief economic advisor, has taken up the “mantel” and become an expert in interpreting European studies that are not controlled and certainly would be rejected if they were submitted for publication in any respected U.S. medical journals. I have tried all day to find which school of medicine he attended!

    1. Well said! I have steadfastly avoid politics in this blog. Yesterday, I had to break my rule. Half my readership left me yesterday.

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