Are you anxious?  Depressed?  Scared? Bored?  Angry?  If you are not, you’re probably insane.  The world has changed, and no one can tell you if it will be normal ever again.  

If you can work from home, you are one of the lucky ones.  If the shelter in place order has shut down your business, if you’ve been fired/laid off, then you are scrambling to figure out how to pay your bills and put food on the table.  

In a way, my illness shut down my office and sent me home permanently.  I can’t even pitch in to help my former colleagues during this crisis.  I understand, firsthand, how threatening a sudden disruption in your income stream is.

Luckily, Renee and I are not at each other’s throats. Trapped in the house on an emotional rollercoaster can wreak havoc on a marriage.  Cabin fever, the above listed emotions and those that I’ve failed to list can add up to divorce or worse.  There is a great picture on Facebook of a woman knitting a noose. 

So, what do you do?  Obviously, you now have time for lots of sex.  That’s probably why the above-mentioned woman was knitting a noose.  I know what I’m doing.  I’m relearning how to meditate.  To help, I use Dr. Ruth Naperstak’s Guided Imagery program and have just started to work with a program made by Balance and found in the App Store on your phone.

Meditation can be a very useful tool.  Today, on, I listened to a 1 hour Podcast on dealing with anxiety. While it was rather long and somewhat technical, it was excellent. 

My patients never seemed to have time to learn to meditate.  Unfortunately, the only thing that most of us still have is time.  It’s time to learn to meditate.  

Renee, I’ve done my meditation, it’s time for more ……

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  1. Good as usual Doc, can’t wait to visit the new digs in NC when you get there, Still stuck in the home office, no travel these days…talk soon!

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