For 34 years I was privileged to take care of some of the most incredible individuals in the country.  As Trump would say, my patients were the greatest, the most creative, smartest people, like no one has ever seen.  In this case, he would be right.

We are in deep poop.  Our healthcare professionals go to work every day knowing that today is the day they may contract a fatal disease.  Despite knowing that, they go anyway.

They come home at the end of the day knowing that they may inadvertently kill their family by passing on this hidden enemy.  At the end of the day, some change in the garage before entering their house.  Some don’t come home.  All live in fear.

Make no mistake. We are at war.  Our soldiers are, for the most part, unarmed.  We, sitting at home, are the partisans.  It’s time for us to band together and fight back as best we can.

If you were in manufacturing, figure out how to retool and make face mask.  Invent protective gear for our troops.  If you can sew, make masks.  If you are in the business world, figure out how you can procure the gear the government and local hospitals can’t.  Use your God given talents to save lives.  

If you can’t figure out how to help, then be content to stay home.  Staying away from others will stifle this virus.  If the economy has not crippled you, send a meal to the emergency room.  Ordering from local restaurants will help keep them in business and I can tell you from experience, having food in the breakroom reenergizes the hospital staff.

Recognize that your neighbors may be in trouble.  If you have a paycheck coming in on a regular basis and they don’t, see if you can help them.  This is going to be a long battle.  Viruses have a tendency to come back on a yearly basis.  If we band together, we have a better chance of surviving this then if we turn inwards and become hoarders, competing for toilet paper and sanitizers.

Support your local hospitals and neighbors anyway you can.  There will be a vaccine, it just takes time.  So, get off the couch and figure out how you can help.

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