“I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant”

― Alan Greenspan

I want you to take a few minutes to digest what Mr. Greenspan is saying.  The last few months have been especially stressful.  While sheltering in place had its positives (spending more quality time with family), it also had significant negatives (driving your family crazy).

Too much of a good thing is not necessarily good and the intense togetherness sheltering at home enforced has stressed relationships.  Don’t get me wrong, Renee and I have loved being together 24 hours a day seven days a week.  If you don’t believe me, ask Renee.  We communicate really well.  I know what I heard and she knows what she meant and sometimes, the two are the same.  Sometimes, it’s actually laughable!

How are you and your loved ones doing?  I bet you are having laughable moments. Communication is the foundation on which relationships are built and as we get older, the ability to communicate often diminishes.  Hearing often falters as we get older.

Renee and I have hearing aids.  Currently, mine are on my dresser.  My dresser can hear Renee just fine!  Unfortunately, I can’t.  Of course, I don’t think she is wearing hers as the neighbors can hear the TV.

Senility, in its various stages, plays a major role in miscommunication as well.  Thank God we aren’t dealing with that.  Now, what was I saying?  Oh yes, I was talking about the fact that what I say is not necessarily what you hear or even what I meant.

There are myriad other reasons to miscommunicate with your loved ones.  The next time you get upset by something your spouse says, check to be sure that what you heard is what he said and what he said is what he meant.

When it comes to communicating with your children, God help you.  Trying to fathom what’s going through your kids’ minds is literally mind boggling.

Here’s your song for the day.  Here’s a joke:

“What would you like?” says the barman.
“What would I like?” says Bob. “A bigger house, more money and a more attractive wife.”
“No,” says the barman, patiently. “I meant what do you want?”
“To win the lottery, for my mother-in-law to die and for my child to be born healthy!”
“What’s it to be?” says the barman, less patiently.
“A boy or a girl, I don’t care.”
“You misunderstand me,” says the barman, impatiently, “I only asked what you want to drink.”
“Oh,” says Bob, “I see. Why didn’t you say so? What have you got?”
“Nothing at all,” says the barman. “I’m perfectly healthy.”

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