The movers will be here at 8 am and Renee and I will hit the road on Friday.  I had lunch today with friends and we discussed how cavalier people have become when dealing with COVID.  Now that the US is opening for business, people are ignoring the rules governing safe social distances and mask and flooding the beaches and other venues.  It’s no wonder.  We are like prisoners who are finally paroled and able to join society.

In the past, I’ve written about the fact that I love being wrong.  In this case, if I’m wrong, I’ll be ecstatic.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m wrong.  I think COVID is waiting for another chance to pounce on us and some of us are going to provide that chance.  A second closing of our country would be disaster on multiple levels!  The psychological damage that it would do is beyond comprehension.

Please be cautious!  If the beach or pool is mobbed, walk away.  If the restaurant is busy, get takeout and go home.   I can’t say it enough, wash your hands!  While I find it hard to believe that cloth mask do anything, wear your mask.  Do whatever you can NOT TO BE IN THE SECOND WAVE.

I’m glad stores are opening.  I believe that we can safely establish a new norm by respecting everyone’s safe zone.  I also believe that those that don’t give nature the respect she deserves may well remove themselves from the gene pool.

Here’s your music for the day.  Click on the underlined words. Here’s your joke (not really a joke): I need to practice social distancing from … the refrigerator. Alex Bode wrote: “We won the war against Coronavirus the same way we won the war against Vietnam.  It got too expensive, so we pretended that it was over.

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