It has been a longtime since I’ve sat down to write anything.  I’ve had a writer’s block compounded by boredom and mild depression.  I’m sure Covid is wreaking havoc on your life, as well.

In all my years in medicine, I’ve never witnessed anything like this.  As soon as things start calming down and the news improves, there is a new twist and we start down the rabbit hole all over again.  If it seems like no one truly knows what’s going on, it’s because no one knows what is going on/right.

Whether Renee and I should be vaccinated is a good example of how screwed up everything is.  Most authorities proclaim that if you have had the experimental antibody titer, you should wait 90 days before being vaccinated.  However, some authorities say one should wait 30 days and others will tell you there is no reason to wait.  Confused?  I am.

Part of the problem is that the new vaccine is unlike any of its predecessors.  There is no/minimal data on the effects of the experimental antibody cocktail or the vaccine, or its long term effects on Renee and me.

Part of the problem is that the Covid virus is mutating at what, to me, appears to be an unusually rapid rate.  It appears to be misbehaving on multiple levels.  The new strains sound horrible and, according to the authorities, it does not appear that a prior infection with Covid gives immunity against subsequent infection by mutant stains.

So, what’s a fellow to do?  First, get vaccinated as soon as possible.  Second, get used to your mask and buy N95 when possible. We are going to be wearing masks for a long time to come. Third, isolate yourself as much as possible.  Fourth, help your elderly relatives by teaching them to use their computers to order food and supplies without going out into the public.  Fifth, forgive your elders if they appear a little nuts.  Personally, I’m going crazy!

Every morning when I get up, I regret leaving my home in Long Grove.  Then I open Facebook and see the Chicago weather report and pictures of snow, and I’m glad to be in NC.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, we baby sit.  The kids put a smile on my face and again, I’m glad to be here.

The 3rd of March the gardener will be here installing my elevated garden and fig trees.  It’s going to be a handicapped accessible garden as my Parkinson’s continues to worsen. Gardening will be good for my soul.  It will also cut down on the need to go to the grocers. 

I’ve gotten many calls and emails from my readers, encouraging me to resume writing.  I thank each and everyone of you for your concern and encouragement.  Please send topics you’d like me to address.

Here is your joke for today and a little music to help you smile.

Two grandmothers were bragging about their precious darlings. One of them says to the other, “Mine are so good at social distancing, they won’t even call me.”

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5 Replies to “CONFUSION”

  1. Going crazy here and no plan to get to NY to see our grandkids. Not quite old enough for vaccine. February starting out stormy in Maine.

  2. Thanks Dr.
    Have always had great respect for your opinion and your values!!! I will pray that God will give you the blessing of mor time and health to enjoy life.
    Had my Covid shot 3 days ago. Doing fine, with no real negative side effects.

    1. Don’t forget to get second shot. Will be sure to get together with you this spring. I’m 90 minutes away living in a very similar community and house.

  3. Hi Doc – So you know, Ann and I really enjoy your monthly writings, so keep on going. The few people I know and are left in Lake Zurich are boxed in their homes, so we are veritable hermits (cave people?). I miss you and your advise. Just turned 80 and the result is due to you and your practice. Thank you!

    1. Miss you guys as wee. Renee and I are hermits as well. Having survived a primary infection I can tell you that you want to do everything necessary to prevent getting sick!

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