Don’t delay the happy

I want to thank all of my readers for their support and their stories.  I hope that the airlines will take notice and change their approach to transporting the handicapped.  One of my readers expressed his concern that in fighting the airlines I was missing the gifts of the life I have left.

In 2011 and in 2020, I wrote a series of articles around the concept of “don’t put off the happy.”  I’ve got to confess, I was brilliant.  I must have known I’d be in trouble and left my future self a solution.  In the past, I would have fought Goliath as if I was David.  The airlines are certainly Goliath and my blog is a sling shot.  I’m on the last leg of my life and am NOT going to put off the happy.

So, I’m going to hope that one of you will take up the battle while I enjoy my family, friends, food and alcohol until Parkinson’s takes me.  I’m also going to severely limit my flying and exposure to corporations that abuse the elderly and the handicapped.  Oh yeah, I’ll keep writing.

Here’s a link to the article I mention above. DON’T PUT OFF THE HAPPY!

Here’s your joke: 20 Airline Executives were invited to fly on the newest version of a passenger jet.  On the day of the flight,  they were told that the computer was going to fly the plane.  There would be no pilot or crew. All but one CEO made excuses and left the plane.  When the one remaining CEO was questioned why he felt safe staying on the plane, he answered that if it was designed by his IT {customer service} department, the plane would never leave the ground.   

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