The Rights of the Handicapped

Don’t delay the joy!  My last article sounded good but let’s be real!  I’m not the kind of person who can walk away from a social injustice, especially when it involves the handicapped.  As promised by the customer relations department, American Airlines has refused to communicate with me.  As far as I know, the gates of hell are going to open on Saturday and I’ll just have to endure whatever AA dishes out.  This time, I’ll wear a diaper and keep my walker with me.

Don’t delay the joy!  This is most likely my last trip to Paradise Village with my childhood friends. I’ve been bedridden much of the trip. Parkinson’s does that to you.  I’ve been lucky as I’ve got 20 years worth of memories of trips to Spain, Italy, Hawaii and Mexico!  If I can’t travel, at least I can make traveling better for the handicapped.  My next step is to involve the government and get them to enforce the law.

I’ll keep my readership up to date and ask you to be as vocal aspossible. I have gotten many helpful ideas and I hope you stillkeep them coming.  My favorite idea was to film the transporters as they interact with their handicapped passengers. 

 The handicapped need your help and support.  By the way, this seems to be a system wide problem. At least, United Airlines promised to do something about it.

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One Reply to “The Rights of the Handicapped”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not having a good time in your favorite place! I know how much you and Renee LOVE this place and sharing time with your besties! Miss you and Renee, get back safely and waiting on seeing you soon, I’m now counting the days…

    As far as the handicap (wheelchair) issue, it’s all of the airlines I’m sad to say. Some airports handle it much better than others. Seems to me that part of the problem is they don’t have enough staff to handle the wheelchairs….from the discussions I’ve had with a few, they said they’re so short staffed! I feel sorry for the attendant’s that try and do TWO wheelchairs at once. The airlines to hire much more staff for this issue to get better…

    Joke for you:

    Doctor: You are very I’ll.

    Patient: Is it okay if I get a second opinion?

    Doctor: Of course! You are very ugly too..

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