Surfing the net for knowledge is one of my pastimes and last night I struck gold.

A not-to-do list for those with chronic pain or illness” by Toni Bernhard, JD instantly caught my eye!  Coming off a miserable week of back pain, I could use some advise even if it’s from an attorney!  Here goes(taken from her article):

  • DO NOT say “yes” to an activity if your body is saying “no.” 
  • DO NOT call yourself names or otherwise speak unkindly to yourself.
  • DO NOT try a treatment just because someone said it cured him or her.
  • DO NOT wait until the last minute to get ready for something.
  • DO NOT strive for a spotless living environment.
  • DO NOT “shop ‘til you drop.” 
  • DO NOT wear uncomfortable clothes.
  • DO NOT think about pleasures from your pre-illness life, freeze them in time, and assume they’d be as much fun today.

I want to thank Mrs. Bernhard for her sagely advice and add a few of my own:

  • DO NOT tell someone to take the day off, go home and take it easy when they appear to be in better shape than you are.
  • DO NOT sit too long in any one position and expect to be able to stand up gracefully.
  • DO NOT try to fool your patients.
  • DO NOT fail to thank those who show their concern for your wellbeing.
  • DO NOT get short with your coworkers and spouse.

Chronic pain or illness is no fun but how you choose to live with it can make a world of difference.  Oh yes, there are two more big “DO NOTs” for your list:

  • DO NOT forget to follow you doctor’s instructions.

Last but not least, DO NOT give up hope!  An answer may be right around the corner.

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