Why?  Why won’t you tell me why?  I need to know!  If I know, I can help!  I’ve been practicing medicine more than half of my life.  You would think I would know why, but I don’t.

I’m frustrated.  I’ve learned so much, studied so hard and worked all my life to provide the best care I can.  No matter!  Unless I can find this last piece of the puzzle, it may all be for naught.  Why?  Tell me why!

Why won’t you take care of yourself?  Is a little exercise too much to ask for?  Is cutting back on bacon and salt so hard that it’s worth cutting your life short?  Life is so precious!

Why must you harm yourself?  Sure, smoking is an addiction.  Shouldn’t living “well” be an addiction?  Isn’t the risk of cancer enough of a threat?  Tell me why you won’t listen to your body.  You cough every morning.  You’ve been coughing for months.  You want a cough medicine.  You’ll take a cough medicine, but you won’t stop smoking.  Why?

I’m frustrated.  I don’t get it!  You’ll take medicine for your diabetes, blood pressure or emphysema but you won’t take care of yourself.  You’ll suffer through surgery and chemotherapy for your cancer, but you won’t take care of yourself.

Proper diet and exercise is the one prescription you won’t follow.  Why?  Why suffer at your own hand?  Why make your family suffer?  Why?  Please tell me why.

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