Thanks, Jack!  I was out of things to say until I read “It seems we are fighting two pandemics: Covid 19 and Stupidity.”  Whoever said that is right on.  It also seems there is no cure for stupidity either.

Lynn shared the following:  “You thought dogs were hard to train.  Look at all the humans that can’t even sit and stay.”  Damn it, I sit and stay!  If you sit and stay, you’ll get a treat.  You’ll get to live. If you’re really good at obeying the shelter in place order, you’ll have time for other treats.  RENEE, I’ve been really good!

On the lighter side is: “Dear single friends, Stay positive and optimistic.  After 3 weeks of lockdown there will be plenty of divorces and new opportunities.  Unfortunately, many of the females will be newly pregnant.  Top names for the newborns will be Charmin, Angel and Scott.”

Last and the most important is: “The virus doesn’t move, people move it.  We stop moving, the virus stops moving, the virus dies.  It’s that simple.”  Conversely, we keep moving and socializing and perhaps we give the virus to a few grandparents and their children and friends.  Perhaps we get away with murder!  Perhaps you actually kill the doc and nurses taking care of grandma to.

Not only do we need to find a cure for Covid 19, but we need to find a cure for stupidity and selfishness.  

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