What the hell is wrong with our leadership?  We are being attacked by a new virus.  It’s wreaking havoc worldwide.  The solution, social isolation and shelter in place, is financially destroying the bulk of us.  The news, depending on which station you watch, is doom and gloom.  Anxiety is at an all-time high.

Making everything worse is the inability of our leadership to agree on anything.  Today, the pundits promise that the democrats and republicans are very close to making a deal.  It seems that both sides have lost sight of the trouble this country is in.  We are no longer the United States of America.  We are at war.  It’s the democrats vs. the republicans vs. Trump.

It’s pitiful!  We are all going to suffer if our leadership continues to fight, further splintering an imperfect union.  I can’t imagine how bad it must feel to sit at home, out of work, bills coming in and having these jokers screw around with a relief package.

I know how it feels to have my retirement threatened.  Hell, my very existence is threatened by Washington’s war.  It’s time to call a truce.  It’s time for our leaders to represent the country, not their parties.  It’s also time to vote these people out of office come November.

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  1. Term limits! And a wise prayer from my dad years ago ” Dear Lord, I know that their are idiots among here on earth, why did you out them all here now? Please ration them in smaller quantities in the future”

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