In the morning, I often feel like the pilot of a 747, getting ready to start up his engines and going through his pre-flight list.  Renee, my co-pilot, has her own list and, often, we check each other’s list.  It goes something like this:

“Gas, check, more than needed this am! 

“Fluids, check.  Better drain the system before it develops a leak.” 

“Waste dump, check.  Overdue by 3 days.  If not performed soon system will go critical.  Consider procedure 13, suppository.

“Landing gear, check.  Creaky but adequate.  Improve after first 10 steps.  Renee, where’s the Aleve?”

“Back, check.  Working good this am.”

“Neck, check.  Not working so good.  Where is the Aleve?”

“Heart, check.  BP, check.  Windshield, check and foggy.  Where are my glasses?”

Pilot to co-pilot, “All systems go.  Check your list.  Central computer, check. No headache.  Chassis, check.  No back pain.  Ventilation system, check.  No cough.  To hell with work, how about I take you out for a spin?”

“OK!, I’ll get serious. Time to wash this baby off and take off for the rest of today.”

  Sometimes, getting old can be complicated!

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