Here’s a multiple-choice question for you.  Pick the most accurate answer if you can:

A. Yesterday was a good day.

B. Yesterday was a bad day.

C. Yesterday was an average day.

While this appears to be an easy question to answer, it’s not!  What makes the answer difficult is that the answers are often determined by many factors.  Here’s how my day went.

The morning hours were good.  I wrote an article I was pleased with.  Physical therapy went well and I was “On” most of the morning.  Yesterday morning was an “A.”

At noon, I sat down to eat lunch and review my Facebook page.  On my high school page was a death notice.  A kid who sat next to me in math died.  While I haven’t seen him in years, I felt the loss.  Anytime one of my classmates dies it’s a reminder that I’m on the downhill side of life.  Yesterday, at noon, was a “B”.  

Yesterday afternoon, my doctor did a shave biopsy on my back.  Renee was worried about a mole that was changing so Dr Rosen biopsied it.  I’m blessed to have found Dr, Rosen.  Her skill set is excellent and the biopsy was painless.  She got an “A+.”

Last night, I received several calls from former patients.  Reminiscing with them was enjoyable, so I called a couple of other patients to check on them.  Last night would have been an “A” if my back hadn’t hurt.  The surgical site ached.  My lower back hurt as well.  Last night was a “C.”

If I look at any given day on average, “C” is the correct answer.  The point of this exercise is that every day has its good points, its bad points and its average points. If you’re having a bad day, wait it out knowing that an average or good day is coming. 

Sometimes, when things are bad, knowing that good days are bound to come helps.  Conversely, while good days are great, recognizing that bad days are bound to come lessens the impact of the bad day.

I often imagine that life is a roller coaster, with ups and downs:  the higher the up, the sharper and scarier the down.  In the end, the ride finishes on solid ground.  If you know that there are ups and downs ending on flat ground, you can enjoy the ride.  If you have no idea what the ride does, it’s going to scare the shit out of you and be a bad experience.  

Have a great ride.  Click here and listen to the music.  It fits today’s article to a tee.

Roller coasters are like your first-time having sex.

For the amount of time it takes to get there, you wish it lasted longer.

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