WOW, it’s almost over! No, not Covid, the Election Virus.  Yes, the Presidential election acts just like a virus and is every bit as dangerous as Covid. It spreads over the airwaves, infecting every household across America.  It turns normally sane individuals into devote radicals who attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Rather than planting flowers, infected suburbanites plant signs in their yards professing allegiance to whichever virus has infected them.

The Election Virus attacks the civil, truthful area of our brains.  If you don’t believe me, just watch TV for a couple of hours.  Watch the virus grow as it proclaims that a particular individual (fill in any name you want) is an unfaithful cheat, liar, and is going to ultimately destroy the universe as we know it.  She’s really a socialist who is going to kill our democratic state. 

Her opponent is equally as bad.  He has allied himself with the devil and anybody who supports him must be evil and willing to sacrifice the elderly and the young to get him elected.  He’s a liar as well.  In fact, if you listen to the commentators, all candidates are liars, hiding the truth about their

 intentions until after they are elected.

How do you know a candidate is lying?  His lips are moving!  Proof positive of the premise that they all lie can be found in the Presidential Debates.  The moderator asks a question and the candidates go into a 2-minute speech that doesn’t answer the question.  The candidates banter back and forth (still avoiding giving an answer) spewing forth hatred and inuendo but never answering a single question.  The virus seems to penetrate deep into the brain, killing off civility and decorum. 

Unlike Covid-19, we have a cure for the Presidential Virus.  It’s called elections.  Yes, go out and vote.  Elect whichever scum bag you believe is the least likely to destroy the universe as you know it; and, miraculously, the signs will go away, the fliers in your mailbox will disappear and the airwaves will be sanitized, removing those hateful advertisements.

Unfortunately, the damage is done and the divisiveness caused by this horrendous virus will linger a longtime.  Then, as always, it will return on its predestined 4-year cycle.  What a pity!  Covid kills people. The Presidential Virus kills our faith in others and our ability to tell the truth from the lies that make up the heart of politics.

I honestly believe that good hearted people go to Washington with the best of intents and then get infected with the political viruses that have devoured our hearts and souls.  What a pity!

Only 5 more days!

Here’s your song.  Listen to it and you’ll realize how well it portrays today’s political environment.  Here’s your joke.  Who’s on first?  It is a perfect example of the debates!

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