I’m so busy moving in that I don’t have time to be homesick.  I’ve got to admit, this is easier than I expected.  The diet is also. In Chicago, every other block presents a restaurant with exceptional food.  You can’t drive by a Lou’s without thinking about eating a slice of deep-dish pizza and a salad. Then there is the Asia Noodle House with its fried Udon dishes, Kaufman’s for deli and the list goes on and on.

I’ve yet to explore the food opportunities in Charlotte and as long as I don’t, I’ll avoid the cravings, making my diet easier to follow.  I’ve fallen in love with the air fryer.  Its easy and does not heat up the house.  Last night I had panko crusted flounder fried without oil.  It was pretty good.  Fried fresh apples are phenomenal for dessert.

Slowly but surely, our house is becoming a home.  Today we are concentrating on hanging pictures. As I’ve previously said, each picture has a story and watching those stories unfold as we hang the pictures brings a smile to my face.  Each picture hung makes this place more like a home. I bought a picture today that I really like.  It makes me feel like I’m at the ocean and I always imagined that I would live by the ocean.  It’s definitely too big for our small abode but I don’t care!  At my age, I don’t have to be conventional.  Unfortunately, Renee is conventional and is not going to like it, so we’ll probably take it back.  What do you think?  If it looks a little distorted it’s because it’s wrapped in bubble wrap.

I’m a novice at putting pics in my blog, Please excuse the wobble.

Jeremy, Allyson and RJ are coming this weekend.  I’m excited and can’t wait to play with RJ.  Due to Covid-19, it’s been entirely too long since I’ve seen them.  I expect we will be heading to Atlanta soon, so I’ll get a double dose of Jeremy’s family.

I’m going to take a nap now.  Our fire alarm went off at 1 this am and beeped the rest of the night.  It’s sad but true that “quality” and “pride” are two words that no longer exist when it comes to manufacturing.  Most of the furniture that we bought arrived with factory defects and has to be replaced.  The fire alarm is only 2 months old and already, the batteries are dead. Sorry, I’m bitching.  I promised myself I’d be upbeat and, I am.

Here’s your music and joke of the day:

Quality control at a Whack-a-Mole factory

…Is either hit or miss

Unfortunately, the jokes on us!


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