In a recent article, I wrote about how important it is for adults to keep a little of their kid alive in themselves.  Today, my inner child came out to play and it felt good.

My bed in a box came today.  It’s a Restonic mattress that carries “The Property Brother’s” logo.  Renee and I are fans of their show.  Having never seen a bed in a box, the kid in me was excited when it was delivered. The box was large and heavy, and I should have waited for Jeremy and Allyson to get home but Renee and I wanted to experience our new bed so we shimmied it into the bedroom and onto the bed frame.  It was kinda like Christmas morning and we weren’t about to wait.

It was also really neat, almost miraculous.  On the bed frame was an unidentifiable mass covered in plastic.  When the plastic was removed the seemingly useless mass started to grow, becoming markedly larger and full. As the mattress erected itself into a useful bedroom necessity, all I could do was marvel at the whole process.  

It really was cool, reminding me of other such miraculous transformations I have witnessed over the years.  It’s important to keep some of your inner child alive.  Only then can you recognize the miracles that surround us every day.  

Renee, my inner kid wants to play.  Want to join us?  Alexa, play a love song.  Our new abode is becoming a home.  

On another subject, I watched a ZdoggMD podcast this morning.  Walgreen’s fired a pharmacist (MAURICE SHAW) because he started doing stand-up comedy during his time off.  It was a fascinating podcast; and, as I have said in the past, we ought to boycott Walgreen’s.  We need more humor in this world and this guy is funny as he introduces you to the difficulties pharmacists encounter on a daily basis.

Here is your song for the day and, of course, a joke.

Life is like a penis; long, soft, free and flowing until a woman comes along and makes it hard.

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