“Do as I say, not as I do!” Whoever said, “Do as I say, not as I do,” was brilliant.  I wish I had taken it to heart.  In response to yesterday’s article, my daughter pointed out that I wrote a book expounding the benefits of moderation in diet and a Wellthy lifestyle.  Had I stayed the course and followed my rules, I wouldn’t be 40 pounds overweight and looking forward to a year or more of serious dieting and exercises.

I spent 40 years offering sagely advice and teaching about health and “wellth”.  I also spent 40 years quietly breaking the rules and expecting immunity because of my position as a physician. Well, physicians don’t get any free passes and I’m living proof that ignoring the rules has a cost.

Looking back in time, it’s easy to see one’s mistakes and that’s why “sagely” advice is worth listening to.  My sagely advice is to do everything you can to preserve your health.  Work to increase your physical attributes.  Invest as much in your emotional health as you do your financial health.  Follow the “Wellthy Plan” laid out in, “Diets and Other Abnormal Acts.”

Playing catchup or repair is hard and at times, impossible.  It really will take over a year to lose my 40 extra pounds and fill my physical and emotional accounts.  That estimate assumes that I don’t get derailed by injury.  Being 40 pounds overweight and old and frail makes not getting derailed unlikely and sure enough, I just tore my hamstring.  Oh well, that’s the way it goes.

So why am I writing about this now?  Christmas and New Year’s are coming up and it’s a perfect time to set realistic expectations and find the resolve to establish a healthy lifestyle.  While not a particularly outstanding book, the premise of “Diets and other Unnatural Acts” are worth reviewing.  If you are a Kindle reader, it’s free.

2020 has been a rough year for most individuals.  Start planning for a better 2021. Wear your masks whether you believe in them or not!  Keep your distance!  Wah your hands!  And get psyched and prepare for the availability of a vaccine.

Here is your music for the day and a joke.

A man went to the hospital to visit his mother-in-law, who was in serious condition. On the way back the wife, very worried, asks: “So, honey, how’s my mom doing?”

He replies: “She looks great! She is in good health! She will still live for many years! Next week she will be released from the hospital and will come and live with us, forever!” 
“Wow that’s amazing!” – says the wife – “But this is very strange, dear… yesterday she seemed to be on her deathbed, the doctors said she should have a few days to live!” 
“Well, I don’t know how she was yesterday” – he replied – “But today when I arrived at the hospital, the doctor told me that we should prepare for the worst”

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2 Replies to “JUST GOOD ADVICE”

  1. Great joke.i It made my Sunday. Be well and while I understand your frustration with your weight, I know you can try and do your best. Yes your are an old retired family doc. While you may have some flaws and maybe you didnt stick to your diet , you have so many good qualities. and your former patients miss you!!!! They dont make them like you anymore.

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