Those of you who read my blog regularly know Will Power.  Will and I weren’t talking for a few months, but we recently made up.  I am proud to say that, with “Will Power” at my side, I successfully made it through Thanksgiving without breaking my diet!

I’ve got to admit, it was not easy.  My youngest daughter played the role of saboteur, offering all sorts of delicious, sugary dishes.  Each time she attacked, I dug in and refused her offering.  In her defense, she loves me and knew that I loved everything on her menu.  

Loved ones often play the role of saboteur.  Like Lisa, their sabotage is done in the name of love, but ultimately hurts you.  Saboteurs have an arsenal of weapons and techniques.  Your good friend who drinks with you despite the fact that you are an alcoholic is a saboteur!  Your mother who picks up a few packs of cigarettes for you when she goes shopping is a saboteur.  Your son, who buys you a birthday cake smothered in sugary frosting and cuts you a double wide piece says, “Come on, mom, it’s only one slice.   You can take an extra dose of insulin,” is a saboteur!

It’s important to identify the saboteurs in your life and learn how to manage them.  Well-meaning people can kill you with love. Will Power helps a lot; but, often, Will can’t be found when you need him the most.  My suggestion is you handle saboteurs by advising them that, despite good intentions, they are sabotaging your path to wellness and asking them to back off.  If despite your request to back off they persist, find out if they have taken out a life insurance policy on you (just joking, or am I)?

It’s also important to never lose sight of how important being friends with “Will Power” is.  I tore my hamstring while exercising and will spend the next few months healing. Inactivity will make losing weight even more difficult so I’ll need a lot of help.  Attention, saboteurs! This is your first warning, “BACK OFF!”  WILL, I’M GOING TO NEED YOU MOST DURING CHANUKAH, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S.  

Here’s your music and a joke. 

I was offered sex with a 21 year old girl today…

In exchange, I was supposed to advertise some kind of bathroom cleaner. Of course, I declined, because I am a man with high moral standards and strong willpower. Just as strong as Ajax, the super strong bathroom cleaner. Now available in lemon and vanilla scent.

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