I’m happy to report that day one of my new diet went extremely well.  I followed the rules, eating only food and only when I was hungry.  I was surprised how easy this diet is!  Once I resolved the issue of what was on the good list and what was on the restricted list, all guilt went away.  Of course, all food is on the good list giving me a limitless supply of choices.

Day two is going well.  I had food for breakfast and then took a walk around the block.  It’s off to the pool now and then fried flounder for lunch.

Strangely enough, I lost 3 pounds since yesterday.  I actually ate less partly because I didn’t worry about what or when I was going to eat and partly because the night before I started my diet, I ate everything cold and sweet in the frig. 

I’ve got to admit, guilt free eating is a pleasure.  It also eliminates the urge to eat special foods.  When we lived in Long Grove, I obsessed over Krispy Crème Doughnuts.  If we were lucky enough to find a KK, we stopped; and I ate a half dozen.  What a guilty treat!   On my current diet, a half dozen hot KKs is perfectly acceptable as they fall firmly into the category of food; and all foods are permissible.  Now that I can eat them anytime I want, I don’t want them.  I passed the “HOT” sign twice yesterday and had no urge to stop and eat some.  Goodbye, KKs.

I think comfort foods will lose their allure and sinful foods will lose the excitement that comes with sinful acts.  The other big plus is I do not need to record calories, cholesterol, etc.  Food has no limits!

I am recording exercise.  For this diet to work, I have to exercise.  Goodbye for now. I’m off to the pool for pool aerobics.  This afternoon, I’ll walk around the block a few times. 

My current plan is to give this diet a few years to work and then assess the results.  Meanwhile, I’ll keep doing fat jokes:

I wish I could see what it was like to be fat for just one day. I’m tired of being fat every day.

Fat people are lucky. They get to eat whatever they want and not worry about getting fat.

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