What’s up?  Renee and I have spent the morning looking for things to do.  We’ve had Covid and we’ve had the first vaccine.  We continue to wear masks in public.  While we are no longer scared of dying from Covid, we are being extra careful about the venues we frequent.

Eating is a large part of our lives.  We look for restaurants that are essentially empty or that have open air facilities.  Having had Covid once is enough to convince me I never want it again.  We do, however, want to go back to living.

We want to learn about our new home state.  It’s time to take a few road trips.  I’ve heard Ashville is gorgeous.  We want to see the mountains and the coast.  We get our second shot next week.  Two weeks after that, still wearing our masks, we should be good to go.

We will have taken every precaution possible.  If God calls, we’ll go no matter what we do.  If he does call us home, I hope he has a good sense of humor.  I have a host of new jokes.  Sitting around doing nothing but getting fat is a joke all by itself.

I very much want to travel back to Lake Zurich this summer.  I want to spend a week seeing all my old friends.  I hope to eat lunch at the Score-board Bar and Grill in LZ.  I’ll publish the date and hope many of you will come to lunch with Renee and me.

If I found a genie in a bottle, I would wish to restore my health and open a treatment center at 504 S Rand Rd.  I miss LZFTC.  I’m not waiting until I find the genie.  I’m exercising more and working on my diet.  I’m laughing out loud daily as I work on being better. I’m enjoying my neighbors.

Of course, everything depends on how I do with DBS.  Oh yes, everything depends on what Covid does as well. In the meantime, don’t let your guard down.  Get vaccinated and wear a mask.  Most of all, be happy with what you have.  And don’t forget to laugh.

Here’s a joke:

I once saw a one-handed man in a second-hand store. I told him, “I don’t think they have what you’re looking for, sir.”

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