Yesterday, I published “Truth.”  Today, I question if truth really exists.  EVERYONE THINKS THEY KNOW THE TRUTH; BUT, IF EVERYONE’S TRUTH IS DIFFERENT, CAN TRUTH REALLY EXIST?

Are you following me?  At 5 am, being bored out of my wits, I started channel surfing looking for the truth.  I failed miserably.  These days, the truth seems to depend on which news journalist you are currently listening to.

If you listen to FOX, my article yesterday was BS. The doc being interviewed talked about using medication off label.  I’ve done that many times in my career and, after listening to her, I would have to agree that using hydroxychloroquine in the face of Covid-19 makes sense.  To further make their point, FOX interviewed a woman who claims that hydroxychloroquine saved her life.  Again, I have no reason to doubt her statement.

Switch to CNN and you get a different story.  They are on the attack, interviewing one expert after another indicting President Trump for everything that is wrong in the world.  Their doctors tow the official line requiring firm and irrefutable evidence that hydroxychloroquine works and is safe.  (After putting forth the company line, they all admit that the use of hydroxy is up to the doctor and his/her patient.)

Switch, again to MSNBC and you get a less vigorous attack dog.  So, who is telling the truth?  I don’t know.  When it comes to hydroxychloroquine there is one truth I know.  By recommending this medicine on TV, Trump has lumped it in with the toilet paper dilemma. People will search the world to buy up as much as they can.  Hoarding medication, food, masks, gloves and toilet paper has left us in deeper shit with nothing to wipe up the mess!

There is one more truth I’ve discovered.  Half of my readership disappeared yesterday.  The world is sick and highly polarized.  Half of my readership disappeared yesterday as they felt I was attacking Trump.  I was.  When I quoted Trump saying “I’m not a doctor” it was the truth.  Please, leave the doctoring to my colleagues.

I’m not a politician.  If you’ll leave the doctoring to my colleagues, I’ll leave politics to you!

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