I’ve been working on a series of articles designed to help you understand what’s happening in your doctor’s life.  I think understanding your doctor will go a long way to helping repair our broken system.

Let me explain.  I have been powerless in my attempts to change what’s happened to my beloved calling.  I have watched the demise of the Marcus Welby style medicine I grew up with and seen it replaced by a cold and data driven corporate model.

There are many physicians who feel the way I did in the latter years of my practice.  Each answered their calling and started their medical careers with the best of intentions.  Each struggle to keep their private practice up and running.  In the end, all will fail and ultimately sell out to corporate America.

We, the doctors who have answered our calling have become like the dinosaur; extinct.  Some retire, some die and unfortunately, some commit suicide.  All, unfortunately, are misunderstood by their patients.  All end up feeling powerless.

This morning I awoke to find the following video on my desktop.  ZdoggMD is brilliant and is on the right path in trying to bring doctors and patients together in an attempt to create a new approach to medical care as am I.

If we are ever going to change our system, we are going to have to work together, patient and doctor.  The first step is to help you, the patient, understand how we got here and who your doctor really is.

Click on the highlighted ZdoggMD and watch this short video.  Please watch the second video as well. Tomorrow, my series will continue.

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